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The first day for students is August 12th. I look forward to seeing you then!

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Message to Parents and Students

I look forward this year to working with a new group of students as we explore biological concepts and hopefully have some fun in the process. I would like to give you some updates on grading policies in my class for the 2017-2018 school year as well as some hints for success.

As many of you already know from your experience with previous science classes, grades in the science department generally are made up of three components:
assessments which count as 80%, participation which counts as 10%, and the nine weeks test which is another 10%.

As you can see from the information outlined above, grades in Biology are largely based on performance on assessments with a small percentage of the grade coming from class participation. For this reason, it is essential for students to be in class every day and to participate fully in each and every learning opportunity. When students are absent from class, it is very difficult for them to catch up on their own. While resources are provided for any student who must be absent, there is simply no substitute for the classroom experience. Therefore, it is important to make sure your child attends school every day possible.

In addition to making sure your child attends school every day, you can also help your child be successful by monitoring their progress through Parent Portal on Infinite Campus. Assessment scores are posted on IC, but students who do not achieve the score they want can earn the opportunity to retake an assessment by doing extra practice to help them grasp the concept. This extra practice will be assigned through a variety of methods including paper/ pencil and virtual assignments. This will be done on an individual basis according to the students' needs. When a student retakes an assessment for a better score, the new score can be used to completely replace the old one. As a parent, you can help your child succeed by encourgaging him or her to take advantage of these opportunities.

A student receiving an 85-100 on an assessment has demonstrated proficiency of that concept. Students are encouraged to retake assessments if they have not demonstrated proficiency. Therefore, if you see a score that is less than 85%, please encourage your student to practice that skill or concept and retake the assessment. Scores of 50% indicate that the student has not taken the assessment and needs to do so.